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Binary Brokers – Who Made the List

Binary Options trading burst onto the scene back in 2009 and the industry has gone nowhere but up. Back then, there were just a few binary brokers and even fewer people who actually knew what binary options trading was all about. But as time progressed and new binary brokers began appearing on the scenes and in your search results, people began to see the industry as an easy way to connect with the financial markets.  Click on one of the boxes below to head straight to the Broker Review sections.

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Our Purpose

This site is not about the trading philosophies or the binary options strategies. The focus here is solely on the binary brokers and reviewing them in such a way that gives you and idea of which are legitimate and which should be avoided. The binary industry itself lacks transparency and fails to offer much of an insight into how the binary brokers runs their operations. We will also be exploring that here and because the industry lacks transparency let us be upfront with you. Many reviews on the countless binary brokers are biased and have a hidden agenda.  Ours on the other hand are honest reviews and we don’t care whether we have an affiliate account with the broker or not. You’ll see that in the reviews and the way we’ve written them.

It’s not all sunshine and butterflies around here. Just total brutal honesty. The list to your right is also not ordered in any specific order. One broker did not pay to be above another. So with that said, take a look around, read the articles, learn something about the industry and make your own choices.  All joking aside, the brokers on our site have been checked out and scrutinized.  They have been in the industry the longest and have some of the largest reputations online.  If they popped up last week in some random basement, we won’t even acknowledge them.  We’re only focusing on the ones who have been around the block and have been in business long enough to indicate they’re doing something right.

There are tons of articles and resources as well and we are just as happy if you take this information without every signing up for an account through us.  We are more of an informational hub.  Remember, trading requires patience, timing and research.  Most of these binary brokers will throw flashy banners at you claiming it’s as easy as 1,2,3.  But it’s definitely not.  Nothing is that simple and sure as hell not trading the financial markets.  That being said, the six brokers currently on our list have been around the longest and most of them since the beginning of the binary options boom.  While we don’t recommend any one of the other, these are the bigger names in the industry and thus have done something right to get there.  If you’re trading or plan to trade with a no-name broker that popped up a couple months ago, look a little deeper into who you’re doing business with.

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